Musical Fridays – Classics and Music from TV shows!

hey hey hey! HAPPY FRIDAY and look what I have here!

A cheerful reminder that it’s time for another Musical Fridays post.

  1. You keep me Hangin on – Vanilla Fudge 
  2. Cha Cha Twist – Ty Taylor 
  3. School – Supertramp 
  4. Feeling good – Nina Simone 
  5. Hold the line – Toto 

I’ve been into all kind of music lately and I come across some really amazing music through TV shows. I never use to like music from TV shows, but lately it’s been getting better and better. So, the first song in the list – You keep me hanging on by Vanilla Fudge is really addictive. There are songs that grow on you slowly and some just hit you instantly. I came across this song through Mad Men and I loved it the first time I heard it.  I also like music from Breaking Bad, Crystal Blue Persuasion and Baby Blue are probably my favourite. Second song in the list Cha Cha Twist – came across this song in this REALLY COOL Tv Series – Vinyl. Just download the music from this series. Really. So bloody cool. There is another song called – Hand Clapping Song by The Meters – love that one too! School by Supertramp is pretty old, just wanted to share because I love it and Feeling Good by Nina Simone – I came across via Jockey ad.:) I am starting to enjoy to enjoy gospel music as well.  Sinnerman, Man! Hold the Line by Toto – is from Arrow Classic Top 500 songs of all time. Need no convincing! 🙂

I hope you guys enjoy this music! 🙂

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