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    Musical Fridays – Classics and Music from TV shows!

    hey hey hey! HAPPY FRIDAY and look what I have here!

    A cheerful reminder that it’s time for another Musical Fridays post.

    img_7525 Musical Fridays - Classics and Music from TV shows!

    1. You keep me Hangin on – Vanilla Fudge 
    2. Cha Cha Twist – Ty Taylor 
    3. School – Supertramp 
    4. Feeling good – Nina Simone 
    5. Hold the line – Toto 

    I’ve been into all kind of music lately and I come across some really amazing music through TV shows. I never use to like music from TV shows, but lately it’s been getting better and better. So, the first song in the list – You keep me hanging on by Vanilla Fudge is really addictive. There are songs that grow on you slowly and some just hit you instantly. I came across this song through Mad Men and I loved it the first time I heard it.  I also like music from Breaking Bad, Crystal Blue Persuasion and Baby Blue are probably my favourite. Second song in the list Cha Cha Twist – came across this song in this REALLY COOL Tv Series – Vinyl. Just download the music from this series. Really. So bloody cool. There is another song called – Hand Clapping Song by The Meters – love that one too! School by Supertramp is pretty old, just wanted to share because I love it and Feeling Good by Nina Simone – I came across via Jockey ad.:) I am starting to enjoy to enjoy gospel music as well.  Sinnerman, Man! Hold the Line by Toto – is from Arrow Classic Top 500 songs of all time. Need no convincing! 🙂

    I hope you guys enjoy this music! 🙂

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    Not a little black dress

    final1 Not a little black dressfinal1 Not a little black dress

    Ahoy friends! I hope this September is gliding along smoothly for you! I’m suffering from tired Tuesday this afternoon, so instead of being productive I’m day dreaming.

    Coming to the outfit. I had this black dress from a very long time, but I never wore it because it was full length and full length stuff doesn’t suit me (story of short people). It never occurred to me to get this dress altered until recently. I am not a big fan of short dresses, I really like wearing knee length dresses and three fourths (they make me look taller :)). There are many ways to layer this dress, I’ve paired this up oxford shoes because I wanted to do a minimal sort of look. This dress can also be paired up with a denim jacket (perfect for October kinda weather) or a plaid shirt and boots (if you wish to go grunge).

    Got more ideas? Would love to know!

    Photos – Mayank

    Until next time!


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