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Hi there! Here is the 70s part of the story in collaboration with I love how this look has turned out. I think she has done full justice to the story. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. 🙂

Fashion Time Machine II : Seventies Fashion

Vintage Lace Dress : | Lace Bag : Lavie | rose chain : borrowed from sister | Oxford : Dune

When it comes to Vintage Fashion, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Retro’ there are two terms we generally use as synonyms but these two terms are entirely different. If you have your grandmother’s dress that she wore in the seventies and she passed it down to you, that surely is a vintage piece of clothing (that you should love more than your life!!) but if you buy a suede button-up mini skirt from H&M that is a piece retro piece. Pieces of clothing that are made in vintage style for modern times are retro pieces of clothing.

Shruti from shopbe , curates beautiful vintage dresses for women and I fell in love with this feminine lace dress the minute I saw it and it screamed seventies fashion also it perfectly fit in the project that I had been working on. One of the lesser talked about trends of the seventies fashion was the fashion of the housewives. With the industrial revolution in full swing in the seventies and modernization entering the lives of people, weekends came into being. The people would generally go out to enjoy and relax on the weekends, picnics being a popular choice.

This is a story of a young housewife on picnic.

Housewives everywhere became hooked on Laura Ashley’s romantic silhouettes and floral-drenched prints in the 1970s. The Edwardian-style dresses and vintage-look fabrics divided opinion amongst the more fashion-forward at the time. ‘They’re not particularly clothes for making a splash in a dramatic place,’ the designer justified at the time. ‘They’re simple garments to wear at home, and when you get home perhaps you need the security of nostalgia.’

I wanted everything to be perfect for this look. To do justice to seventies fashion I side parted my hair and twisted some strands to one side and made a braid. I belted up my dress with a vintage belt and wore brown oxfords. I added a delicate chain and carried a lace bag to complete the look. I absolutely love the way this look turned out.

You can buy beautiful vintage dresses at Shopbe.

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