Not a little black dress

Ahoy friends! I hope this September is gliding along smoothly for you! I’m suffering from tired Tuesday this afternoon, so instead of being productive I’m day dreaming.

Coming to the outfit. I had this black dress from a very long time, but I never wore it because it was full length and full length stuff doesn’t suit me (story of short people). It never occurred to me to get this dress altered until recently. I am not a big fan of short dresses, I really like wearing knee length dresses and three fourths (they make me look taller :)). There are many ways to layer this dress, I’ve paired this up oxford shoes because I wanted to do a minimal sort of look. This dress can also be paired up with a denim jacket (perfect for October kinda weather) or a plaid shirt and boots (if you wish to go grunge).

Got more ideas? Would love to know!

Photos – Mayank

Until next time!


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