Stripes, Pastels and Tassles!



I’ve been wearing this outfit a lot lately. I love the fact that I can combine my favorite thing to wear – stripes, with these summery pastel pants! I really like the look and feel of this outfit which is inspired by Alexa Chung! I love her style! Who doesn’t!? I spend hours studying her style and every time I realize my style matches with hers a lot! She brings such a breath of fresh air in the industry where it is so easy to fall into the trap and end up looking the same when everyone is trying to be different and unique!

Alexa wore this with ballet flats whereas I tried to complete the look with these super comfortable and classy tassel shoes. Also my top was a little flowy from the bottom so I kept it outside rather than inside.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! 🙂

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