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Oh hello there! How have you been? I’m sure some of you know that I’ve been fan of all things nail-paints for a long time and I can be often seen doing an impulsive happy dance with my new bright nails. I’m so pleased with all the hand-thrown goodness served up by POLISH Nail Spa. If it also tickles your fancy, find more about them here.

Special thanks to Gurbani of Spangle Street to arrange this amazing Sunday for all Chandigarh bloggers. With fellow bloggers around, the experience could be nothing but amazing. It was a great opportunity to pamper ourselves and have fun! So, about the experience –  I’m more of a power polish kind of a person (pretty nails for at least 15 days! NO CHIPPING) so I chose that with nail art on top! But you get a lot of other options to choose from like Spa Pedicure and Manicure, Permanent Nail Art, Gel Overlays and Nail Extensions. I was getting this done for the first time and I loved it. Also, when I’m using someones services for the first time, specially skin related – I can be a little crazy about hygiene – but I was so happy and relaxed to see the staff in their proper clothes, absolutely clean workstations, technicians wore masks, machines and instruments were clean and the place was very well maintained.

My nail technician Martha was really nice and professional. She started the whole process with cleaning my nails, cuticle pushing and filing. After cleaning, she started with the base coat. It took me a while to decide the nail art and then I finally decided to get almost nude colour nails with the hint of glitter on top. I totally love it. I think it suits my personality and reflects many things about it. Martha did a fantastic job and artfully applied the glitter. I love how the whole look came out, I couldn’t stop staring at hands.

What could be more perfect then getting yourself pampered this festive season? Delicious results with minimal effort! It’s win win, really! 🙂

Here are a few pictures 🙂

Martha 🙂

For this post, my brother and I planned to do hand photography kind of series. It was our first attempt. Hope you guys like it:)

Polish Nail Spa

SCO – 27 (above Ritu Kumar)

Sector 8 B, Chandigarh. 

Until next time!


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