Retro Days X Dresslily – Part 2

It’s that time of the year when everyone is wearing shimmer, sequinned goodness and me on the other hand, I feel much more comfortable and confident in my soft and warm threads. This lovely ruffle sleeve crew neck sweater from Dresslily is one of those of pieces. I wasn’t quite sure when I was buying this but lately I have been quite open to trying new style and I’m surprised how much I like them and how confident they make me feel. This sweater is probably one of my favorite things I’ve bought lately and I like how it sits on my body. I like things quite oversized mostly and this is seemed to be just perfect. I love the peachy color and its really warm. I wore it with straight legged high waist jeans (which I’ve been very much into lately) and ankle length boots. This outfit has a lot of chances of becoming kind of a winter staple of mine – it’s super comfortable, festive, warm and it looks great with a tailored coat!

I have been wanting to make my wardrobe more diverse in terms of styles, whilst also staying true to my personal style. I love flower prints, stripes, checks so I usually tend to find myself gravitating more towards them but past few months I have been trying new stuff and it has added so much to my wardrobe. I am excited to play around more and step out of my comfort zone and have fun while doing it!

Photo Credit : Anay

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