The weather has certainly dropped this past week, at least evenings are pretty chilly for sure which means it’s was time for me to take out my favorite cozy pants.  I bought these pants last year sometime around end of winters so I didn’t get a chance to wear them more often. But considering it’s already so cold, I guess I’ll be wearing them a lot. I The thing that I love the most about these pants is that they have pleats in the front, which makes them let’s be honest – easy to iron and they are super warm. Also, I have decided to choose more bright colors for some reason, don’t know how long that will last though! I was going through my shop the other day and realised that there is nothing except earthy tones which is absolutely love by the way, but some color here and there wouldn’t hurt I guess. After that I opened my cupboard and found the same thing – stripes and earthy tones and then I saw this jumper and it was totally an impulse buy but I don’t regret it. It’s simple but what I loved the most is the cut on the sides, I think they make this jumper look even classier!  And of course I paired them with vans, honestly I was feeling pretty cold in these though but obviously I had my priorities set! 😛



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