Bought these insane high wait pants from Rosegal and I am sure these will be perfect for this summer. I was really really doubtful while ordering these but I loved them so much, I ordered them anyway. I have been purchasing different kinds of jeans and was on the hunt for a perfect pair of high waist pants and then I found these! I ordered size extra small because it said the fabric provides stretch and I thought these would fit perfectly. They did, but the waist was still loose for me, so I got them altered a bit. Can’t decide who needs to work on their sizing here! 😛

I also got this really cute striped top along with these pants. I can never get tired of stripes, can I? I loved the moment I saw it. There is nothing new to it, I have stripes already, but somehow I thought this would look perfect with the pants and it did! I keep going back to same things again and again –  I think there is nothing wrong with that. It’s good to know what you love and then pay around accordingly! These pants are such a statement piece, I can pair them up with so many things. I think they add femininity to a really androgynous outfit. I think this piece comes with lots of styling options and one that will sit seamlessly into my wardrobe for sure. A very good purchase! Also got this cute necklace from them which I’m wearing almost everyday. Thank you Rosegal!

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