Forget trends, show off your personal style!

I’ve been wondering about this from long time and today I decided to pen down my thoughts about it. I live in a small city and I really like this place. In one of my previous posts I mentioned how I feel that this city gives you less exposure in terms of your career/ personality. I guess I feel the same when it comes to fashion. As soon as a trend hits the city, I see everyone wearing the same thing. I enter in a mall and everyone looks the same. I wonder if that is their personal style or they all are following the trends! To me, it is important to have my own personal style and ideally everyone should have it. I decide to dress up the way I am feeling that particular day or it depends on the kind of music I am into.

Your style tells you a lot about yourself – if you are dressed in beggy jeans and a t-shirt, people will perceive you as a rapper. If you are dressed mostly in suits, people will perceive you as working, ambitious and strong. And if you are wearing six inch heels, carrying an expensive designer bag, wearing trendy clothes – people will think you are stylish as well as wealthy. I find it really ridiculous when people start following celebrity trends and try to look like them. They will read articles and blogs and magazines about latest trends and what celebrities are wearing. Is it realistic? My whole point here is for people to follow their own style, wear what feels right to them and not to others. If you love those mommy jeans that most of the stylists would recommend not to wear – wear em! Dress up like an emo if you like and do not care about how anyone else would perceive you. If you love all things gansgta and hip hop, you may as well sag your jeans and wear that fitted yankees hat!

I’m encouraging you to follow your own style, see what you like and dress up accordingly. If we will just follow the trends, we will end up looking alike! That doesn’t sound like a very fun thing to me! Everyone is different and they should keep it interesting when it comes to fashion instead of copying everyone else! So let’s keep it fresh and unique, wear what feels right, wear what feels is you! Let your style speak for who you are and trust me you will leave long lasting impressions!

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