I think it was sometime around last month I had taken these photos. It’s been a whirlwind last couple of months especially with my shop. Time goes by really quickly, but more than anything I have been really enjoying it. The pleasure that you get from doing something you are really passionate about certainly doesn’t come from any job, that’s how it’s been with me at least. So a little life update, for those you who follow my blog or my Instagram might know that I am a vegan, being a vegan opens your brain to  a lot of new things. I’ve been particularly moved by how human race is impacting the planet. The stats are crazy trust me! It’s shocking to see how we are impacting the planet knowingly and unknowingly. So I have decided to live as organically as I can. I am going to try and not use plastic as much as I can and I am not going to shop new clothes now. I am going to try and buy second hand clothes (if you are not sure how buying second hand can help the planet, read this), I don’t think it’s going to be very difficult for me because I thrift shop anyway. The only thing I am going to invest is in a pair of good jeans and shoes. They are very difficult to thrift in India. I am really excited about this and it’s very satisfactory to think that I am going to help the planet in whatever little way I can. 

Coming to the outfit – these were last few days of summer when I shot this and realised I haven’t worn enough skirts and dresses – I have been such a jeans person this summer! Suddenly I was experiencing that urge to wear all skirts and dresses I have and this turned out to be my favourite transitional season outfit! 

Polka dot shirt is thrifted, skirt is from Zaful,  jacket is from H&M and shoes are from New Balance!

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