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For those who follow me on Instagram this isn’t new but I really wanted to do a post around beautiful places I’ve been to lately and for which I’m incredibly thankful! Even when I didn’t go to Europe, I knew I would fall in love with that place because it gives me a feeling of belongingness.  And I was right, all this time I really wanted to go and when I was finally there – it felt like I’ve been here before. It was such a homely feeling! We landed in Vienna and were only there for day – we took a tourist bus and covered as much as we could in a day. I think that was the best thing to do because Vienna is huge and there are so many castles and palaces to see. It’s gorgeous! Also, there were tons of vegan restaurants which was amazing!

Brno in Czech Republic was our next stop where we were going to stay at our friends house. So before the trip, I was told – ah you will love Prague so much and you wouldn’t wanna come back. I obviously was expecting the same. But honestly, I really liked Brno, It’s a city where you can see yourself living. I loved the vibe of the place – may be it’s because our friends were showing us around but I like cities. Cities with good vibes and you fell safe and confident. It was extremely comfortable to roam around alone in the city which I personally really enjoy doing.

We had 2 days in Prague. We were staying very close to Charles Bridge, As expected I obviously fell in love with the city – it was dreamy ( I’d recommend going in off season – it will be much nicer). Every street is beautiful, amazing scenic beauty. Live music on Charles Bridge is really really awesome. It gives you goosebumps! I loved it! But there were too many people! It’s really overwhelming when you go there but after a while it gets to you. People people everywhere! We had gone to Charles Bridge so many times in two days that I didn’t want to go there anymore. It’s very touristy! May be when you start living there it’s different. I liked the most on Sunday when it quite and calmer and it also looked much prettier! From Charles Bridge – it’s a sight at night though! Out of the movies!

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