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Had such a wonderful time and a much needed break in Thailand with husband. It might look like I went on a solo trip, (which Im also planning to do soon!) but no, I went with my husband. He is just too camera shy and threatens me if I try any picture of him anywhere! (lol!) We stayed in Bangkok for a couple of days, most days we were in Hua Hin. It’s amazing and the beach is beautiful, people are so incredibly nice and the only thing I struggled was with food! Forget vegan, it was so difficult to find vegetarian food anywhere. It was such a struggle, but other than that we had an amazing time. Thankfully we went there close to the weekend and see all those amazing night markets.

There is a direct flight from Chandigarh to Bangkok, which is awesome. It’s such a great way to fly for just 3-4 hours, not be tired and go on a weekend or long weekend! We sure will be going there often I guess! Such a great way to recharge yourself without spending too much money and flying for long hours!

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