Deeply Rooted

Just a heads up : If you want to add a little spunk to your boring summer wardrobe, nothing can beat band tshirts. I know I know, I’ve been raving about them from a long time now but honestly I cant get over them. Everyday I love them more and more. I mean why not?

Growing up can be pretty lame. Sometimes you feel very cheery and next you want to mope around and listen to some cool music and nothing – literally nothing beats Pink Floyd. It is one of my favorite bands ever and I couldn’t resist myself when I saw this super cool tshirt at H&M.  I instantly fell in love and I have been wearing this t-shirt a lot. There are tons of ways to style this but my favorite one is with black skirt and these classic black oxfords (which you cant see by the way, my tripod broke L). Would love to know how you liked this look!


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