Because it’s World Music Day and it deserves a post!

Songs below are filled with music that you can listen to late at night (would be nicer in a car) with bass vibrating in your throat! Who doesn’t love that!? It’s a mix of old and new. I love it and hope you like it too!

1// Feels like we only go backwards – Tame Impala

I got introduced to Tame Impala not too long ago and I have been really enjoying their music. Even though I really like the band – I think they come up with some amazing tunes – I don’t think I can listen to their songs for too long. It’s too psychedelic for me. I can enjoy it for a while. Been listening to this song a lot! Not bored so far J

2// Arctic Monkeys covered – Feels like we only go backwards

But then I came across this and I don’t think I am going to get bored of this song ever! I LOVE this cover, Alex Turner has amazing deep voice and it’s so hard not to fall in love with it! They should cover more songs by Tame Impala!

3// Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Always been a fan, will always be a fan of Fleetwood Mac! I don’t even know what to say here – they are just amazing! What’s your favorite song by Fleetwood Mac? Mine has to be Rhiannon.

4// Analogue – A-HA

This is probably one of my favorite songs ever! I remember the time when I use to listen to this all day and nothing else – it has unique bitter-sweetness to it which is amazing! It just never gets old! I doubt if I know any other songs by this band. Any recommendations?

That’s all folks! 😀

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