Dressing to impress myself!



Who is your inspiration? However cliché that might sound but that’s the question that is genuinely going in my head when I see people with amazing personal style. The beauty of personal style is that it’s personal to each of us. Inspiration is all around and the way we incorporate in our lives/style is what makes us all wonderfully unique.  Speaking of personal style – my addiction for peter pan collars, ruffled sleeves and sweatshirts was inspiration for this outfit. This look is about everything I love! I got this dress from a local brand in Tokyo and I love it, I’m trying to find a similar one here to keep in my shop. Everything else I’m wearing is thrifted. I have been thrift shopping from ages and I’ve always found something that suits my style and budget. Last week I went to shop alone to a mall where two of my favourite stores were recently opened (Forever 21 and H&M). But what I realised after 3 hours of shopping was that I couldn’t find anything that I could relate to. I was really shocked and amazed at myself that in three hours of roaming in these two stores – all I bought was a pair of socks. I’m stuck with thrift shopping for life! 😀

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