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In collaboration with Wiggly Wiggles – Part 2

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Here’s part 2 of my collaboration with very bubbly and cute Mehar of Wiggly Wiggles. She chose a beautiful flower print dress and planned to give it a bohemian look. I think she totally rocked it. What do you guys think?


Hola readers! As fall greets us with all the love, its time to send some ‘louwe’ back! Lately, I’ve been obsessing over Bohemian fashion. It’s quirky, fresh, original and eye catching! So for this post, I collaborated with BE which has a beautiful collection of curated vintage clothing for women.

Floral Dress: http://www.shopbe.in
Coming to the outfit. I wore this simple yet gorgeous floral dress which had a straight cut. I’ve always adored florals all my life! This one has a perfect girly print with cute little yellow and blue flowers all over it.
Now to add on to the style quotient to the dress, I cheated a little here. I wore a thin belt a little above my navel area. Then, pulled the dress outta the belt which gave me a taller and a slimmer look. #DressHacks
Then coming down to the jewellery. I didn’t wear anything heavy cause I didn’t want to overdo my look and also, with fall comes a lot of humidity. I sweat like a pig. So meh, I went for minimal accessories and enjoyed the weather as well as the shoot!
I enjoyed the blending between the ruggedness and the gilt-like boho look which made this outfit standout!
For the footwear I wore my favourite pair of combats, because, WHY NOT?! Of course, when I wear something, I try to add a little tinge of my personality. And the combats pretty much look good with everything! #teehee
To add on to the oomph factor, I wore Bebe’s traditional Silver neck piece which I converted into a choker. All I had to was tighten the neck piece by taking the ends of the neck piece and making a knot wherever I felt comfortable. You could also use a safety pin for tightening the neck piece if you run out of the thread.
Liquid Liner: Lakme
Lipper: Chambre

Foundation: Maybelline

Now, for the make-up, I kept it Dark-Minimal. What the hell is a Dark-Minimal? Well, all I did was, put on a little foundation, a winged eye-liner and a beautiful dark lipper. The reason why I call it Dark-Minimal is because it hardly requires any efforts. The liner makes your eyes look bigger, the dark lipper gives your lips a beautiful shape eventually giving  you a beautiful white teeth smile and finally, it looks soothing and not overdone.

Mandatory goofy picture. Bleh.
So, the general verdict would be that this outfit, most appropriate for this weather, which is fall and believe you me, you surely are going to feel comfortable and stunningly gorgeous at the same time! In fact! This is an outfit which can be worn on any body type and you’ll be able to pull it off real good!

Picture Credits: Guneet Kaur
Instagram: @clickylens

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