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I just got back from my trip to Siem Reap and Singapore week back! Siem Reap has always fascinated me. I really wanted to go for a solo trip to Cambodia, but I went with my husband – even better! We flew with a new budget airlines introduced by Singapore Airlines called Scoot! So, you get visa on arrival in Cambodia and the whole process took around 15 minutes, it was pretty smooth. Officers at the airport are pretty chilled out and happy people. It didn’t took us too long to reach our hotel (Angkor Palace Resort and Spa). The deal that we got on this five star hotel was unbelievable. We paid some 3k per night which also included our huge breakfast. So it was pretty mad. First day, we reached in the evening, so we planned to go Pub street which is the main street in Siem Reap. Here are a few pictures –

Next day, we went to a few temples around the city. We went to Angkor Wat, it’s a huge temple and very beautiful. It’s a paradise for photographers! There is so much to capture.  Let the pictures do the talking 🙂

Next day, we decided to explore the city and pamper ourselves with super affordable massages and we also went for a pottery class which was a lot of fun. I admire and really enjoy any form of art and this turned out to be super fun even though we sucked at it.  A really sweet lady with her seven year old daughter was running the place, it had a really nice and happy vibe to it. We had such a good time! This seven year old Lisa was seriously the cutest thing!

We flew to Singapore the next day! Singapore..hmm! It has its thing going on! It’s super clean, super expensive and super organized! We were staying at a friends place, and they took us to really nice places to eat and of course we went to Orchid Street, Haji Lane, Cloud Forest Dome, Flower Dome (they were spectacular!) Here are a few snippets!

 And of course a few of these!


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