Mister Chatur (chatur=clever)



I’ve always liked dogs, but I was never close to them because I use to be really scared of them until Mr.Chatur arrived. I have known him from past one year now and for the first time in my life- I’ve loved a dog this much. I always knew I will dearly love one, whenever I will get close to one. Though we don’t see each other daily, but I’m pretty sure life is so much better for those who own a dog. Coming back to home and playing with your dog must be so refreshing especially when you are having a bad day. And why wouldn’t it be!? A dog is the only one who will love you more than himself! I feel this is completely true.

 So Mister Chatur, I love you and I wish to spend more time with you! Oh and he has a facebook profile (lol, yes!). You can see it here.  🙂


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