Our thirsty social media brains..

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Well  it’s not been too long I started this blog and I would like to thank you all  for following me ! 🙂

So about  a week back, I had this talk among my fellow workers about social media. Like expected everyone started talking about the all the benefits that it comes with- we can get in touch with old friends, relatives living at distance, get to know what’s happening in their life through Facebook, twitter and so on and for a person like me- who isn’t very good at remembering birthdays and stuff- this does works well for sure! So basically we all know about the benefits, don’t we!?

My concern is the side effects that it has.  Like everything else – this does have negatives too!  There is this really weird thing I’ve noticed. Whenever I meet someone new- like a friend or a new employee at work – they add me on Facebook and everywhere else, but rarely talk in person! Why do we do that? I have done that too and I’ve realized- I guess we don’t care about knowing or talking to someone in person because we get to know about them through Facebook or by looking at their timeline we get a fair idea of what kind of person they might be!  I guess it’s making the whole communication process less effective and we are getting less interested in knowing someone in person rather we are more interested in their social life. Of course – that’s why we follow them everywhere!

And there was this article I read few of weeks back which gave  a whole new dimension to it. It was majorly focused on teenagers and it said that there has been an increase in tendency of people becoming pretentious. Like I said – we are becoming more and more interested in others social life and what others have been upto and in this whole process, somewhere we start comparing our life to others life. If someone has a lot of pictures on Facebook with  friends or have been travelling a lot and having a lot of fun, we somewhere start comparing ourselves to them.  This tendency of comparison is mostly seen in teenagers and therefore to fit themselves into this social environment, they seem to become pretentious. A very realistic example was of posting pictures, people go out not to have fun, but to click pictures so that others can think their life is fun.  Everyone wants to show everyone that they are fun.  It’s true and depressing at the same time. I’ve seen a lot of people behaving like that and it makes me feel really sorry for them.

These social media sites are good for sure and they should be used for the best and please don’t let  them affect you negatively in any way!


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