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    I’m super pumped to write this post because I am sharing music that I usually don’t listen to but been enjoying it more and more lately. I saw Vinyl on and off and got introduced to some amazing music through this show. I got hooked to Soul Makossa, it’s not a song in the show but it was playing as background music [here] in one of the scenes and totally got my attention. It’s super cool and has amazing beats, I found it youtube and then it started suggesting me similar stuff and I found some amazing music then! Some of it I knew and it’s really old and some I found on youtube.

    I hope you guys enjoy this music – it’s a mix of funk, soul, blues and jazz. Loving it!

    1) Soul Maskossa – Manu Dibango


    2) I feel good – James Brown


    3) It’s a Mans’ Mans’ World – James Brown


    4) Feeling good – Nina Simone



    5) Ain’t got no – Nina Simone


    6) Ladies Night – Kool and the Gang


    7) Boogie Wonderland – Earth, Wind and Fire


    8) The thrill is gone – B.B King



    Some super cool dance moves [and also some style inspiration] here on Papa was a Rolling Stone!


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    I would like to be more regular with this category as I am currently! I wish I had more time to explore new music. Life is so fucking busy, but well – such is life! I have a few new songs to share. I think I have shared one of the bands before ‘Future Islands – I honestly don’t know what it is about this band – but it takes me to another place and time.  I remember feeling the same way when I use to listen to a lot of old U2 music. Actually it’s so weird, listening to this band reminds me of the time when I use to listen to U2 and later I realised their music makes me feel exactly the same way! A feeling that I really enjoy! I wanna go back to it again and again. Also, came across some amazing music through Peaky Fucking Blinders! Love that show so much. Must watch if you haven’t!

    Sharing some new music I’ve been into lately. Hope you like it too!

    Future Islands – A dream of You and Me 

    Sticky Fingers – Eddy’s Song 

    Sticky Fingers – Cyclone 

    Leon Bridges – Bad Bad News 

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Mercy Seat