August Playlist!

Ok, it’s been more than a month since I posted something here but it’s never too late! I have something delightful for your eardrums. Here are a few songs I’ve been into lately!

  1. Stay – 30 Second to Mars – Cover – I’ve been a lot into covers lately and this is definitely my favourite!

I don’t like the original song as much as this one and can you believe this guy is 45? What a stud!

2. Roxanne – Annen May Kantereit and Miky Chance –  Cover again! This is as raw as raw can get and it’s incredible!

3. Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Chance – Everything about this song makes me happy! Such happy music!

4. Down by the river – Milky Chance

I recently came across this band and I have been loving their music! It’s soothing and makes me nostalgic!

5. In the room where you sleep  – Dead Man’s Bones

If you are someone like me who is shazaming music during the movie, you will end up finding some incredible music and that’s how came across this song with creepy lyrics and amazing music!  This song is from Conjuring – 1! 😛

That’s for now folks!

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