Hi guys! How are you? It’s September. SEPTEMBER! There is going to be a lot on my plate in another couple of months. A lot of stress, a lot of work, lots of decisions to make and I can feel the knot of worry inside my stomach all the time. Though I haven’t had my ‘claustrophobic’ moment yet, I don’t even know what I should call it… I’m sure it’s gonna hit me soon and I will start realizing my life wont be the same any more. I won’t be as carefree as I am now. I will be responsible so many things, people, building new relationships and creating new memories etc etc.. I’m sure I will cherish these moments and I look forward to them with all positivity.

It sure is funny and scary at the same time – but this is what we do, we move. We try and we explore. I’m constantly aware of the lost opportunities and lack of progression in my personal and professional life and that is what I want to focus on.

I want to surround myself with people who are good to me – both professionally and personally. People who can bring out the best in me.

Be around creative people – interact more in person.

Understand and know what it means to become a good wife, a part of a good marriage – at least most of the time.

Take endless photos

Spend wisely.

More small adventures

Stay physically active –everyday.

I feel I’m in such strange limbo right now where I don’t know what’s next for my world or what will I do or not do. I feel better not knowing.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend people!


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