Indian wedding in cold January

i have been day dreaming about warm sunny days and i am so glad they are here finally. winter was killing me and top of it i had my cousins wedding to attend. i’m not quite sure if you are aware of how indian weddings are. first things first – we like to flaunt our dresses no matter how cold it is. so sweaters and jackets were not even an option. so basically we have a lot of pre-wedding ceremonies. most of them are pretty boring  to me because they mostly involve the bride/groom and elderly people of the family. but i love the sangeet (dance) ceremony where we dance all night long (that’s what we do) and also put mehandi (heena) on hands. so january was  fun for me. my cousins were in the town for a few days and we had a lot of fun together. as much as i hate winters, it was fun to attend a wedding in the cold weather. here are few pictures!

oh how much i miss her!

fish eye 🙂


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