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    First Fashion Post of 2018!

    If I had to pick a time of the year where I feel most uninspired by my wardrobe – it has to be January. It’s so cold and I find it really difficult to dress up, but this year I was determined that I would get out of my chunky knits and wear something completely different. End of the year sales were really great for this kind of experiment and it is then I found this really classy blouse at H&M at an unbelievable price. I wanted it the moment I saw it – It was so in sync with my personal style. I loved the print, the fabric and…

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    Pretty Polka Dot Dress

    I totally forgot to cover this outfit which is very unlike me especially because I love it!  I wore this outfit on an event organized by RentACloset. It’s pretty evident what they do, but you can rent really amazing designer outfits, bags at very reasonable prices! How does that sound? Pretty amazing, right? Their collection was beautiful, some of the outfits were absolutely gorgeous! Oh and these are Indian outfits! Coming to my outfit – This gorgeous retro polka dot dress is thrifted, like most of my clothes! I really really love it because it has just the most amazing shape to it! This dress was slightly longer and I…

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    New Found Love for Jeans!

    I think I have always been into dresses but lately I am loving wearing jeans (I know it’s too hot to wear jeans though, but I’m loving it). I have this new found love for well fitted jeans and it’s really amazing to see the amount of difference that makes. I wear jeans almost everyday and never have I liked them this much! I think a pair of well fitted jeans are really flattering. It also depends on the right cut and that’s why I think these jeans are my new favourite. So I was looking for a really nice pair of black jeans from a long time, I wanted…