If I had to pick a time of the year where I feel most uninspired by my wardrobe – it has to be January. It’s so cold and I find it really difficult to dress up, but this year I was determined that I would get out of my chunky knits and wear something completely different. End of the year sales were really great for this kind of experiment and it is then I found this really classy blouse at H&M at an unbelievable price. I wanted it the moment I saw it – It was so in sync with my personal style. I loved the print, the fabric and ruffled sleeves, even though it’s mostly the pattern of the buttons and collared neck that got my attention. It’s a really classy blouse. I was so weird to find something so quickly at H&M because I’m mostly coming out with a pair of socks after hunting for something nice for a couple of hours. It’s really funny how these things work. When we didn’t have H&M and all those big stores here, I use to really miss them but now that they are here – I hardly buy anything from them. I find there is too much stuff to handle and I definitely not a kind of shopper were I buy something just because it’s in the trend unless I am really sure about it and really like it. So to see so many different options really diverts my mind and I end up buying nothing.

But I am really really happy with this blouse – it’s just my style and I see myself wearing a lot of it in the summer too. Even though I would have loved to pair this up with high waist jeans and these boots, but then I tried it with the skirt and I absolutely loved it. I think it’s a really cool combination and this also looked great with high waist jeans – that is going to be my combo for extremely cold days!

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