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    Working in a small city!

    c43d308e8cc31827aec3adeafa581ecc Working in a small city!

    I’ve been into this profession from more than three years now and trust me I don’t enjoy it too much. Well, it’s because I am not working in the profession that I like (how I ended up being here is a long story). All I can say about that is – I have too many interests and I can’t figure out what profession to choose and there are thousand other reasons for why I have been unable to make a decision about that (one of them is that  I’m lazy and I’m not proud of it) . So that’s that.  So few years back, right after completing my graduation I moved to Gurgaon for my internship. Gurgaon is one of the best cities in India in terms of jobs, good place to kick-start your career, businesses and stuff (it’s a horrible place to live in otherwise). Working there was amazing and that was the time when I got maximum exposure in my life (yea maximum, sad I know!). The company was fantastic, people were phenomenal, friendly, and helpful. I have always considered myself as a keen learner and I can safely say I learned a lot while I was working there. I was surrounded by people from whom I could learn a lot and I did. For a little introvert person like me who wants to get rid of the hesitation– exposure is always a good thing! That’s what it did to me. I was confident, happy and content.

    I came back to the city after completing my internship and started working here. After coming back from working in a big city and in big company, working in a small city and in a small company was depressing for me. Initially, I thought I am not going to fit in, but slowly I did. I started liking what I was doing, but there was no exposure. I wasn’t learning anything new, I wasn’t adding anything new to my personality and I felt bounded. For me, it’s not just about work, I like to work around people who are creative, willing to talk, talk about what’s happening in the country, world in general, people who are not married to their computers and know that there is a lot more than just a job! After working here for three years, I have realized either you do what you love ( and not care about what’s happening on the next desk, because you love what you are doing and you don’t give a shit about anything else) or find a fun place to work – interesting people, where you can add more to your personality. Sadly, right now I’ve none of that, but thank God now I have friends like that!

    Sometimes I wonder about people I work with – I wonder if they think/feel like I do!? I wonder if they feel they need exposure in their life!? If they feel they should know what’s happening around them!? If they should be more friendly and make workplace a happy and enjoyable place!? I wonder if they have any hobby other than working!? If they ever think about their overall personality and not just about the experience they have on their resumes!?

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