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    Things I learned in my 20's!

    148d579dc736f59873a811ce7d4ca71a1 Things I learned in my 20's!

    living on a rent robs you

    wine/ whisky > any other drink

    living with your brother isn’t that bad

    you love your family more than ever before

    it’s okay to fail sometimes, it is!

    if you need some guidance, ask for it

    watch the news, read blogs, learn about different people

    you are not what others think you are

    travelling is the best money you can spend

    skin care is important – moisturize



    sunscreen is must

    you get what you need, not what you want.

    dogs are awesome

    judge less

    do more

    call your parents everyday

    it’s okay to be an introvert

    help people

    my mom is right about almost everything

    god’s timing is perfect

    duck face is not cute

    treat how you would like to be treated

    never regret

    set short-term goals

    men love classy ladies

    don’t try to fit in

    be in shape!

    nude heels go with everything

    tights are amazing

    love is patient, love is kind

    if he cares, he’ll be there

    health is everything

    choose your friends wisely

    you can never have too many shoes

    never waste food

    home-made food is the best food in the world!

    complement people

    not everyone is going to like you

    stand up for your beliefs

    be thankful


    classic rock- rocks!

    appreciate little things

    there is no such thing as free a lunch – true!

    remember to take pictures


    trust god.


  • Musings

    Type of love I hope to build

    48937672d0f00cba277db0820e0accfa Type of love I hope to build

    i don’t want blinking white teeth, six abs, perfect hair or anything like that – that’s not required. i know these things change and i don’t want us to be temporary. i want us to be adventurous. not the type where we stop our lives and go for a crazy holiday, but the one where we try to be adventurous by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. try new things, bake something different and new in the middle of the night that we never ate before because we feel like getting a little crazy. try sleeping on the roof because we are bored with the comfort of our bed. try bungee jumping, knitting and deep-sea diving because we feel we constantly find new passions in life. i want us to be constantly discovering new things about ourselves and enjoy when we do it.

    i want us to be weak for each other and let ourselves share each and every emotion that we go through and never be afraid of it. i want us to laugh and smile together. i want us to cry together and hold each other’s hand. i wish we offer each other a home. i mean, whenever we hold each other, we feel we are in our own living room with a fireplace and warm kind of home. a home where can we cry, laugh, fail, grow and change.

    i want us to understand each other’s insecurities. call me when i tell you i’m not jealous that  other women adore you and i don’t need you to spend the night. i want us to know that there will be times when i will push you away, but that’s the time i’m truly grasping for you the most.

    we must treat our close ones with kindness. i don’t want us to take our parents for granted. i wish to build this love uninhibited, i want us to be brave and know we will be there for each other.

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