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    Musical Fridays -Current Favourite British Band!

    This past month has been extremely musical for me. Its been a month of Arctic Monkeys. I came across this band a couple of years back via Gonzo with Alexa Chung. Honestly I wouldn’t have paid much attention to the band if Alexa wasn’t dating Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner. Alexa sure has good taste in clothes but even better men and music! So apart from the hit songs of the band I’ve been listening to their other songs as well. Been listening to them over and over again. SO BLOODY GOOD!! I think it’s the only band after Green Day I’ve been addicted to like crazies. If you are already an Arctic Monkeys fan, I’d love some recommendations. If you haven’t heard of the band before, here’s a little treat for your ears!

    arctic-monkeys1 Musical Fridays -Current Favourite British Band!

    In no order –

    1. Do I wanna know
    2. I wanna be yours
    3. Reckless Serenade
    4. Fluorescent Adolescent
    5. Why’d you only call when you are high

    I also love Standing next to me by Alex Turner and Miles Kane (former co-frontman of The Last Shadow Puppets and a short lived band The Rascals). Miles and Alex are best buddies and it shows in their live performances. I hope they make more music together and I hope you guys enjoy this music!

    P.S – Not a Drake fan, but you have to check Hold on, We’re going home cover by Arctic Monkeys! Better than the original! It’s fucking cool and gosh Alex’s voiceeeee and sunglasses and hair and shirttt <3

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    Musical Fridays – Celebrating powerful women

    desktop-hd1 Musical Fridays - Celebrating powerful women


    I’m here with another Musical Friday post and I hope this turns out be a nice treat for your ears because these are the songs that live on! So here is the list!

    I came across Jolene when I use to watch (don’t judge me) Hanna Montana. whoops! Yes, so it was wayyyyy long back. Dolly Parton sang this song in the show and I totally loved it. I’ve always been a fan of Miley’s voice, I love that touch of southern accent and huskiness in her voice. She came up with backyard sessions long time back where she covered some amazing songs – Jolene and Lilac wine are my favorites. She does a GREAT job with covers, she should ONLY do covers!  Want Proof? Check out her cover of Dylan’s – Baby, I’m in the mood for you. IT IS AWESOME! Next song in the list is Blue Denim by Stevie Nicks. I absolutely love this song! Being Alexa’s fan, I keep searching for new videos every now and then and thats when I first heard this song. I love how alexa did it with her English accent, I love the cover more than the original song! (Im just being partial here I guess). I will survive by Gloria Gaynor, I’m sure most most of you know about this song. If not, too bad. So, Etta james – A woman, singing the blues – one of the most beautiful things ever!

    Following are the links to the songs –

    1. Jolene – Dolly Parton
    2. Blue Denim – Stevie Nicks
    3. I will survive Gloria Gaynor 
    4. I’d rather go blind – Etta James
    5. You keep me hangin’ on  – The supremes cover
    6. Jolene – Miley cyrus cover

    I hope you guys enjoy this music! 🙂

    Until next time!