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    Happy Birthday, Husband! 

    img_1566 Happy Birthday, Husband! 
    This post is really special because it’s my husband’s (Sarthak) birthday. (Happy birthday!!). So I thought i’ll share a few thoughts right here. I love him for many reasons but mostly because he is the most caring person I know. He is playful and energetic and makes sure every single day is well spent. He makes me feel pretty and laughs at my stupid habits. Some of them are really stupid, I am very well aware. So this one counts a lot. 

    img_1566 Happy Birthday, Husband! 
    I love the fact that he lets me be me and encourages my independence. I love him because when we argue – I can be unhappy for a extended period of time but he cant. He is also quick to forgive which is absolutely love about him. Some days I really feel I scored a jackpot marrying him. I think we make a great team. I hope you know how much you mean to me and Im glad we are stuck together! Haha. Happy Birthday Sarthak. I love you! 

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