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    I’m super pumped to write this post because I am sharing music that I usually don’t listen to but been enjoying it more and more lately. I saw Vinyl on and off and got introduced to some amazing music through this show. I got hooked to Soul Makossa, it’s not a song in the show but it was playing as background music [here] in one of the scenes and totally got my attention. It’s super cool and has amazing beats, I found it youtube and then it started suggesting me similar stuff and I found some amazing music then! Some of it I knew and it’s really old and some I found on youtube.

    I hope you guys enjoy this music – it’s a mix of funk, soul, blues and jazz. Loving it!

    1) Soul Maskossa – Manu Dibango


    2) I feel good – James Brown


    3) It’s a Mans’ Mans’ World – James Brown


    4) Feeling good – Nina Simone


    5) Ain’t got no – Nina Simone


    6) Ladies Night – Kool and the Gang


    7) Boogie Wonderland – Earth, Wind and Fire


    8) The thrill is gone – B.B King



    Some super cool dance moves [and also some style inspiration] here on Papa was a Rolling Stone!

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