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    2014 – bring it on!

    ff252e13c1baad30c8bb57fbc2dc9656 2014 - bring it on!

    happy new year!

    2013 has been a beautiful and rough year in many ways. great year it was and i’m glad it’s over! there were some crazy ups and downs in 2013 and it has taught me many things. i’ve already mentioned one of my previous posts how i’ve grown and changed in the past year. but yeah, one of the best things i’ve learned is to stay happy in every situation and never let negativity sneak in your happy world. it’s not worth to spend even a minute being sad or upset about the crap you can’t change.

    also, everyone around me has been talking about new year resolutions, i dnt think i can make one. and in case i do, im pretty sure it wont work. most of the things don’t work for me when i plan them. so no! but there are few things that i expect myself to do this year. in 2014, i want to have more time for myself and give more time to my hobbies ( probably try taking classes!) i live in a beautiful city with my brother and a good job – but i don’t want to be so into it that i forget i have other talents too.

    i want to be regular with exercising (20 mins daily). i want to wake early in the morning ( i literally struggle everyday) so that i reach work on time. i want to click more pictures and experiment more with my diana dreamer. i want to learn sewing, swimming and cooking. i want to be less crazy about the cleanliness in the house ( some people will be really glad if that happens).

    i want to make more friends and learn to express myself more. there are parts of my personality that i want to work on. but most importantly, i want to be a good human being, a happy person. i don’t want to feel less of myself in anyway. i have my own way of doing things and that doesn’t mean i am any less, right? that’s pretty much about it!

    P.S – i love the new Sherlock season! any fans?


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    Life Lately ..

    holla! hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you might be! wow! past few days have been pretty busy. my parents where here this weekend. i miss them and i wish i get to see them more often. i managed to wake up early on past saturday and went for a walk, it’s amazing how some sort of activity in the morning can change my mood, lift me up, makes me appreciate all the beauty around me and how blessed i am! i have been going for early morning walks since then and trust me it is just incredible!

    1474375_10151787306642285_1725627181_n Life Lately ..

    1474375_10151787306642285_1725627181_n Life Lately ..

    ^^ sunshine makes me happy! 🙂 ^^

    1474375_10151787306642285_1725627181_n Life Lately ..

    ^^ how pretty! ^^

    1474375_10151787306642285_1725627181_n Life Lately ..

    ^^ beautiful sunset view from my house! ^^

    1474375_10151787306642285_1725627181_n Life Lately ..

    ^^ i made this pen sketch past weekend. Pen work is really time consuming, but in the end it comes out really nice with all the details and stuff. I enjoyed making this! ^^

    have a wonderful week!


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