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    How does it feel like to be an introvert/ ambivert?

    34aa3187e74523d7f47a95a8446b04341 How does it feel like to be an introvert/ ambivert?

    well, if you ask me – it doesn’t feel very bad. but here are few things that i’d like to share.

    • no one is a 100% introvert. it’s usually like a 50-50 ratio, in some, introvert ratio is slightly higher, like around 60-70%.
    • i usually speak on topics that interests me.
    • i am not rude, i just need my own private space. i need time to think and be back.
    • i may not be a very good talker, but i am a good listener. i may not be the life of the party, but if you need someone to share something important –i am there!
    • people usually trust me more for not revealing their secret ( which is true with most introverts)
    • i like the fact that i am very self motivated. i don’t need constant flow of people around me to feel good.
    • i feel lonely when i am surrounded by people who don’t understand me.
    • i don’t get impressed by social, political or career status of anybody.
    • i like interacting with people – it makes me feel happy and i feel confident about myself. but too much of it is really exhausting for me.
    • i love day dreaming
    • i like listening to music, drawing, arts in general.
    • i like to sit quietly and watch a movie or research something that interests me.
    • it sometimes worries me that i find it difficult to fit in with everyone else and just mingle.
    • i feel judged. a lot.
    • i have a strong desire for social bonds. very less though. basically people who can understand me.
    • sometimes i feel tired in the crowd. however, doing an artwork by myself – refreshes me.


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