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    Tricity Bloggers Meetup

    Tally-ho, dear readers!

    Last weekend on this day, I was having a good time with a few fellow bloggers of the tricity. I have had an off and on relationship with my blog. With a full time job, it was not easy to manage and then everybody would just post everything on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms and that made me lazier.  But lately I’ve been feeling motivated to be more active on my blog, hah! I wasn’t blogging from a long time and I would just post outfit posts on Instgram, but then I realized I was getting counted as one of the bloggers in the city and also got invited on a few events. I felt motivated and I thought I might as well just continue blogging. Also, these meetups have been a lot of fun. It’s really amazing to see work of new bloggers and most importantly how dedicated they are for their blogs! I got a lot of motivation to work harder (or just work) on mine! I like how everyone is doing the same job of a same profile and yet everyone is so different from each other! Well, that’s the most interesting part about this industry!  Here are a few pictures from the meetup!

    5 Tricity Bloggers Meetup5 Tricity Bloggers Meetup5 Tricity Bloggers Meetup5 Tricity Bloggers Meetup

    5 Tricity Bloggers Meetup

    5 Tricity Bloggers Meetup

    What I wore – A really nice lace top ( complimenting my love for vintage) with a straight fit jeans and my one and only oxford heels!

    Hope you enjoyed this!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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    Bloggers Meetup by Roposo


     Day before yesterday I got an invitation from Roposo for a bloggers meet in Chandigarh. Honestly, I was really pleased and happy with the fact that finally things have started happening in Chandigarh. With so many upcoming bloggers in the city, I think it was needed. Though this city needs a lot more of this, but I’m glad it’s picking up now and it’s great!

    Roposo is a social network to share your photos, discover new trends and follow creative people and even shop! Really cool thing about Roposo is that it allows people to find and shop products that other people are wearing. For instance, when I post a picture on Roposo – it will automatically show and lets you buy similar clothes that are available on the website. I think that’s awesome!

     So about the meet up – it was great and motivating. I got to meet a few fellow bloggers in the city which was a lot of fun and Rosposo team had organized contests for us – I didn’t win anything but it was still fun. Here are a few snippets from Roposo bloggers meetup in Chandigarh yesterday!

    dad825_fb6cba7fa15e409786e262dfe5cdddae~mv2_d_2448_3264_s_4_2 Bloggers Meetup by Roposo


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