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    The island of misfit toys..

    tumblr_m6pn62w7dh1qcim7zo1_r1_1280 The island of misfit toys..

    from past one year (particularly since this time of the year) my life has been a whirlwind! i think i have changed a lot as a person and crossed that age where you make immature decisions, don’t think about what others think about you, where you do your own thing, don’t know who your real friends are and what kind of friends you should make!

    it’s been a long year of self-explorations and fighting with my inner demons. i have discovered new traits about myself and i am loving the change and embracing it. well it’s not that i suffered with issues of self- loathing, but i have never been comfortable with what i see about myself in the mirror. this year marks a milestone – i finally understood it is important to be able to be your own person before you become something for someone else.

    i’m coming to terms with the fact that i might never be able to engage myself in conversation with strangers or feel absolutely confident to be able to order my food properly. i’m working on changing these things about myself and be okay with the idea of failing before you get something right. there are things that i didn’t know about myself and  i felt touched when an outsider discovered rest of my capabilities that can make me larger than who i am right now.

    i am not proud of every kink that i’ve brought to the table. however, i am starting to believe that with all the wrong doings you learn to understand yourself as a person and understand the person you want to or don’t want to become and it will help you with all the relationships in your life.

    the biggest problem i faced was when i was in my early 20s and i was constantly feeling the need to change myself to fit into a category that wasn’t for me. a lot of people have come and gone and now i realize i shouldn’t have pretended to be someone i am not. working on yourself is all good and nice, but one should never change their morals or interests to depict something that they are not.

    a lot of people ive seen become victim of modifying themselves in order to appeal to other person – which in my opinion is arbitrary and temporary. it’s sad, really! but now it’s time I focus on myself completely- love myself and build a strong person inside myself. things will fall into place when they need to – till then be happy with yourself and try and get to know yourself more – trust me, you will never be alone!


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    Things I learned in my 20's!

    148d579dc736f59873a811ce7d4ca71a1 Things I learned in my 20's!

    living on a rent robs you

    wine/ whisky > any other drink

    living with your brother isn’t that bad

    you love your family more than ever before

    it’s okay to fail sometimes, it is!

    if you need some guidance, ask for it

    watch the news, read blogs, learn about different people

    you are not what others think you are

    travelling is the best money you can spend

    skin care is important – moisturize



    sunscreen is must

    you get what you need, not what you want.

    dogs are awesome

    judge less

    do more

    call your parents everyday

    it’s okay to be an introvert

    help people

    my mom is right about almost everything

    god’s timing is perfect

    duck face is not cute

    treat how you would like to be treated

    never regret

    set short-term goals

    men love classy ladies

    don’t try to fit in

    be in shape!

    nude heels go with everything

    tights are amazing

    love is patient, love is kind

    if he cares, he’ll be there

    health is everything

    choose your friends wisely

    you can never have too many shoes

    never waste food

    home-made food is the best food in the world!

    complement people

    not everyone is going to like you

    stand up for your beliefs

    be thankful


    classic rock- rocks!

    appreciate little things

    there is no such thing as free a lunch – true!

    remember to take pictures


    trust god.


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