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    and beginning of autumn always makes me discover new music. Surprisingly, I dont listen to what I usually listen to, I get inclined towards psychedelic and easy, sweet tunes during this time of the year.  It happens only during this time of the year – I won’t listen to this music again most likely. It’s funny how a lot of things in my life revolve around weather. The sky is just the most beautiful thing around this time, it’s deep blue and clouds are so big and clear, trees are so green – it is so inspiring! Feels like a VSCO filter in real life these days! I guess that is what moves me to these 80s disco and psychedelic tunes! Everything feels new around this time and it’s lovely!

    For me, the following songs perfectly compliment the sound of birds, leaves rustling and insects chirping during these beautiful sunny days and party summer nights!

    The Olympians – Apollo’s Mood – WordPress refuses to embed this for some reason! This music is soooooo soothing! Highly recommended! 

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    I am loving YouTube for introducing amazing music to me. Just a few days back I was listening to random music on YouTube and I was just about to close the window and a random song played from recommended videos and it was so catchy and of course I ended up listening to the song. Little did I know, but I have been listening to this band from 4 days straight now and every time it gives me goosebumps. I also ended up reading a lot about it. So the singer is Laura Pergolizzi, commercially known as LP! It’s crazy not too many people know about her may be because she is essentially a song writer and has written songs about famous artists like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera and for some shows like Orange is the new Black. Her writing is beautiful and so is her voice and she is an incredible whistler among other things.  It’s very unique and I love the fact that her live performance is as good as the real song! Here are a few songs I’ve been listening to. I hope you guys enjoy it!

    1) Lost on you – This is probably her most popular song, this is the acoustic version. I personally love this more than the original.

    2) Forever and now – She has incredible whistling skills. This song did tear me up a little!

    3) Other people – This woman is killing me with her music!

    4) Muddy waters – From orange is the new black!

    5) When we’re high – This music is amazing!!

    6) Dream on  – Cover – This woman is amazing!

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