Hey ho, it’s almost spring and look who has been neglecting the blogging space (again!). And here I go again to justify my absence – I decided to spend a lot of time on my shop which is finally picking up after a long long time and I don’t want to leave it. SO THERE goes my time, in front of the camera and my laptop – editing A LOT of photos! In the midst of all this chaos I treated myself (for a little motivation and credibility, yeah?) with this pretty dress (which I bought last year in December by the way) from Shein!  It is the first official print (other than flower or stripe) I’ve ever bought. I hope I wear this often as I expect, this is one of those impulse buys which I thought I could pull off! Well, no regrets so far – so that’s good! I think this dress is here to stay!

Till then.

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