The weather has been so awesome this past week which meant it was time to shoot for a blog post. I have been so lazy clicking any photos this winter (even though it still hasn’t been that cold). I’ve been miserable, I just couldn’t bear the thought of changing clothes and clicking photos. But this week was amazing and it motivated me to finally wear my current favorite pants which have been in cupboard from over a month now. I think I’ve just worn these twice but felt extremely cold, so I can’t wait for summer to come and just live in these. These pants are from Zara (on sale right now!) and I am in love. I love the fit, the colour, the cut – just everything about these. Can’t praise them enough! If you are someone who is into flared pants and into 70s fashion, I highly recommend these. You can pair these with gorgeous blouses and scarfs to get that perfect seventies vibe. I would definitely like to pair these with something more masculine and make these look even cooler – definitely a look for summer!

I’ve been wearing such dark colours lately and I really wanted to do something different and then I decided to wear these with this cream turtle neck and this pretty simple black belt. I would definitely throw a well fitted biker jacket or a nice slightly cropped jacket on top! I should have, hah! Maybe I’ll post something on Instagram! But this is definitely a look that I can see myself wearing this a lot in the foreseeable future!

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