Shot these photos today finally, I have been wanting to do a style post from a long time – I was in a fix to be honest! Since last two weeks I have been heavily into music again and I am loving it. Music influences my style heavily and that’s why choosing an outfit has been a struggle recently. I’ve been listening to really strong female musicians like Nina Simone, Etta James and amazing male musicians like BB king, James Brown and last week I really got into LP and all of these artists are inspiration behind this post. This post is definitely inspired by androgyny. I have always been into a mix of masculine and feminine style and a very strong reason behind this is music and the kind of cinema I like. I like how these things can leave a mark on your personality and sometimes even make your personality. My style is at least really inspired by characters and music, I really need be in the zone to carry an outfit, otherwise I just cant. Sometimes I end up changing my clothes thrice before going work because it just doesn’t feel right.

It’s kind of fun to experiment like this, I always end up some interesting outfits. For this one, I chose these really cool high waist jeans, these are perfect to wear in summer and they go well with a lot of stuff. I wanted to pair these with something plain and simple to keep the androgyny factor and lastly I paired them with my new favorite flat sole New Balance shoes. I think I got the look I was looking for and I quite like it. It’s easy to assemble and can be worn in different settings.

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