This week has been madness, work wise mostly. I have been so bloody busy, I havn’t had time for anything. But then, such is life! After a hectic weak, I finally got some time today to shoot this look that’s been in my head since I got this t-shirt. I wanted to try this website called Shein, Ive been seeing it everywhere and to be honest I was surprised by the amount of styles they had on the website and was blown away by the price range too! This tshirt had been in my cart for like a month till I finally ordered it. That’s the thing with me when I have to try a new website. I keep stuff on my cart until I can’t help but order it. I loved this tshirt, such a great summer piece to have! I wanted to pair this with jeans but then I have been doing so many posts with jeans, I thought I’ll do it with something more summery, so the skirt! I like this length of  a skirt a lot, I am not like really tall – actually I not even tall and I am not a big fan of mini skirts,  but this length adds height and I quite like that.  I think it’s a refreshing look, I don’t normally wear stuff like this but I loved this – it’s super comfortable. And the converse, what can I say – they go with pretty much everything and add coolness to a simple outfit!

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