What’s going on with me and off shoulder lately? This pretty dress from Zaful is pretty standard, and that’s what I like about it. Even though I’m not a big fan of off shoulder dresses and blouses (mostly because I hate strapless bras) but over the time I’ve realized they really suit me. I guess it goes really well with my hair. haha. I don’t know. I’ve started to enjoy them more and more over the time. I love the ruffles on this one. I like how causal it is and you don’t really need anything else with this dress to prep up your look. Since I strongly believe in wearing who you are, no matter what occasion it is – I guess I would love to wear this on Valentine’s Day! I feel like myself in it and even more with my favorite pair of converse. I would love it wear on a picnic or a casual day out. It’s so effortless, it’s so lovely.

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