Zaful X Retro Days – Part 2

OK people, it’s time for some self-indulgence. This long sleeve floral shirt from Zaful is sure to be bring some sophistication in all of us. If you are into front knots – who isn’t lately – this might be a treat for your eyes. This shop will probably have you scanning its pages for a long while, enticing you, confusing you with its huge collection of dresses, skirts, pants and so much more. You can find anything from wild retro florals, knitted dresses, vintage prints – it’s a treasure for people like you and me.

As a part of my first collaboration with Zaful, I got two items one was this dress and this blouse and I have to say I absolutely love these two! These two pieces have refreshed my collection and also gave a chance to try something new (which I wouldn’t otherwise I guess!) I was absolutely stunned by this top. I have always been a sucker for floral prints, so that was a big big attraction for me and apart from that I loved the cut. I think full sleeves really gave a really edgy look to the blouse and the knots..! As much as I loved them, I was also very doubtful if I’d be able to carry them. But I loved it so much, I ordered it anyway!

For the look, I was confused what to do. I tried this with a lot of stuff – jeans, different kinds of skirts and shorts. Even though it looked absolutely stunning with shorts, I decided to go with something everyone could relate to. So I chose to wear it with these cropped pants. Since this blouse is very feminine, I wanted to add a strong element in the look and that’s when I decided to pair it up with these tassel shoes.  It’s very important for me to add a strong element in whatever look I’m doing because it makes me feel confident and more importantly like myself.  I think pairing this blouse with pants and shoes did a great job of balancing out things.

Photo Courtesy – Mayank

XX ta, ta!

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