New Found Love for Jeans!

I think I have always been into dresses but lately I am loving wearing jeans (I know it’s too hot to wear jeans though, but I’m loving it). I have this new found love for well fitted jeans and it’s really amazing to see the amount of difference that makes. I wear jeans almost everyday and never have I liked them this much! I think a pair of well fitted jeans are really flattering. It also depends on the right cut and that’s why I think these jeans are my new favourite.

So I was looking for a really nice pair of black jeans from a long time, I wanted real heavy old vintage Levis kind of a look and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I tried flea markets and I found this pair of vintage Pepe jeans, but these were gigantic. I got them altered and altered some more. I think straight leg and high-waist jeans are both minimal and statement at the same time! I am loving these jeans and I decided to pair it up with this vintage gingham top.  I loved how it came out and how retro it looks! I think this is going to get a lot of wear this summer!

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