Experiments With My Pajama Top!

I thought about an expressive introduction for this post but then I decided to just go straight in for the kill. I was never quite sure of this trend but then I thought I might just give it a try. It looks so comfortable, it hard to miss out on. A few days back I got this really nice night suit and I tried it with these pajama like pants and I absolutely loved it and it is super comfortable. I paired it up with a statement neckpiece and tie up lace shoes.

While I was doing this look, the only that was going in my mind was a relaxed French girl look and I love how it came out. I love the fabric of the my pajama top, it super soft and I love how it sits perfectly on my neckline and sleeves. Even though I’m not a big fan of pants, but I like to wear them sometimes and these seem to go perfectly with the top. What do you guys think?

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