I never use to get excited whenever I used to see skirts. Well, mostly because I thought they don’t suit me much – I’m more of a jeans person rather than anything else. But this one left me totally mesmerized. I absolutely love the fabric and the cut and the ruffles of course. I am a huge gingham fan and this one with ruffles was something I couldn’t miss. I have paired this skirt with a ruffled black top (from Zara) and peep toe shoes. This would be a perfect summer party outfit for me because I felt incredibly confident in it. It’s not too girly and in fact its borderline chic.

Also, this wasn’t the outfit that I had planned for todays post, but then a trip to H&M happened. I went to the store to exchange something that my husband had bought (I am usually happy with this kind of exchange arrangement. haha) that’s where I saw this skirt and it was on sale. Made my day, quite literally! 😛


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