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So last weekend husband and I went to Jaipur. Both of us have been to Jaipur before but we were going there together for the first time. I really like Jaipur, but this time I was more excited about the hotel we were going to stay in. We were going to stay in Fairmont, we got a gift card from our very good friends on our birthdays a couple of years back. We never got the chance to use it, but now with direct flights from Chandigarh to Jaipur – we really wanted to use it. Though this wasn’t the best time to visit Jaipur, but we really wanted to go because both of us have been extremely busy and we really needed a break. And it indeed turned out to be a really good break! We started our trip on Saturday morning and and were in our hotel by afternoon, which was really awesome and we felt really fresh. The whole process was really easy and not tiring at all. We quickly got fresh and chose to ate in the hotel itself. Even though we really wanted to explore eating places in the city but our hotel was a little far from the city, we were sure we couldn’t wait that long!
So Fairmont is a huge property and they have done it really well. We loved staying there, food could have been better though! But what bathrooms man! So bloody gorgeous. First day we could only explore market in the evening and we could find something really interesting things. We bought a couple of old Mughal art paintings with something written in Farsi and we got old postcards. Oh and I went to a planetarium for the first time. It was so cool, reminded me of La La Land so much! Never thought touristy things can be fun too. Next day we went to Albert Museum which was really awesome. So Jaipur has some fun rooftop restaurants to try, I’m glad we could try a couple and they were really good, but nothing beats the STEAM! Steam is a life-size steam engine themed lounge & bar on wheels, and trust me, if you go there – you are in for a very fancy ride. But honestly, the highlight of the trip was light and sound show at Amber Fort. It was really outstanding, they did such a good job! It literally takes you to another era. It feels like the fort is talking to you. It’s unreal! Here are a few snippets from our trip, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Until next time 🙂

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