In Collaboration with Toomuchjazz :) 

Tally-ho, dear readers! Feeling the chill factor? I’d recommend warming up with nothing but plaids!  Oh yes, they are my favourite and turning up to plaids is always more fun when you know this one piece of clothing (if worn right) can make collective jaws drop.  There are plenty of ways in which plaids can snazz up not only your wardrobe but also your day!  So if you fancy some real-deal 60s and 70s style, these are must! Thats what me and a fellow Chandigarh blogger and a friend – Jaspreet of toomuchjazz.com tried to do with our very first collaboration together!  A couple of weeks back she bought this plaid dress from my curated shop – Retro Days and she asked me if I am up for a collaboration. Luckily I had a plaid dress too and we decided to do a school-girl inspired look.  I decided to pair it up with a white t-shirt, oxfords with socks and a neckpiece I bought from AlwaysStayFashionable. It was a co-incidence that both of us decided to pair our dresses with white so it all worked out perfectly fine. Working with Jaspreet was a lot of fun, she is bubbly and knows all the poses. Me on the other hand, I really struggle with pictures for blogs and stuff. I find it REALLY tough to make any other face but smile. I really have to breathe in and out many times and think of something sad to be able to make that model face. I still suck at it. haha. I hope you guys enjoy the photos! 🙂

Dresses from – Retro Days

Photo Courtesy – Adhyan


Until next time! 🙂

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