Fashion's Front Row Meet by The Red Box


If you have been keeping tabs on my Instagram recently then you must have seen my photos with Chandigarh Bloggers on an event organised by The Red Box.  For those who don’t know about The Red Box, its an online store where you get all sorts of quirky stuff including jewelry, phone covers, nail art, bags, sunglasses and what not! It was super fun event. I think it was possibly the first time where I was actually enjoying an event. First I met a lot of new bloggers, the blogging community in Chandigarh is growing rapidly (which is awesome by the way). Second The Red Box people selected very engaging activities for the event, which is amazing for people like me who are usually a little hesitant. I am not a conversation starter so I love this sort of setting (they make life so much easier for me). We had a nice interactive introduction game where were suppose to introduce ourselves with an adjective starting from our names and then we were asked to pick up a chit from the bowl and we had to give a tip on whatever we get. I got puffy eyes. Hah. I almost never get puffy eyes. So I was pretty blank. Nothing crossed my mind except 8 hours of sleep and tea bags. There were a couple of games like that. It was great! Here are a few photos from the event —

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