Oh love!

Four years back on this day I decided to meet this man for dinner at a place close to the town and I sat next to this handsome man with the prettiest eye lashes and charming smile. My posture was relaxed and welcoming pointed to this man I had been in touch from few months. We talked, he made me laugh and we parted ways listening to our favorite music on the way back. That was the day I fell for him and I was angry at one of friends who introduced me to him and was thinking she tricked me into this. I’ve been smiling the whole time, because this handsome knucklehead of a man was funny, welcoming, loud, charming and warm. Needless to say I tried to ignore him, but then we always ended up talking and laughing. He use to tell me that he had never been with a girl like me and I use to cover my face and laugh at his tale. I’d always been drawn to him, a charming man with an unconventionally handsome face.

It’s been a whirlwind since then and a topsy turvy ride. I’ve loved before, but never have I felt the way I do about being with this man and how we found our way to each other. He is a big goofball, thinker and he’s constantly distracted. Seven years my senior, I find discovering myself, feel mature in ways and extremely naïve in others. I’m discovering how and what it means to be partner in things; I’m learning to accept things I originally never believed myself in. His voice is deep and his laugh is booming. He carries many things inside and I’m continually trying to be a part of them. His smell is distinct like comfort and summer.

No one ever knocked me down on my ass just to encourage me and be a better person. He is not all menswear savvy or hip. He is nearly my exact opposite, but all together familiar. He talks about things he wants to do years down the line and I can barely see into next week. I’m so grateful with the time I’ve spent with him and the way he supports me through all my mistakes and some horrible habits.


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