Why do you make the choices you make?

Hello Everyone!

Hope to find you in the best of spirits! Today I want to write about personal style.
I believe style is a form of your self-expression! Why do we choose to buy the clothes we buy? What makes you feel you – you!? Because we have the freedom to dress anyway we please I do believe that our clothes reflect our character. You can dress up the way you want to ‘BE’. I usually decide to dress up the way I am feeling on a particular day. These pictures pretty much cover my personal style, clothes that I feel are me. I keep juggling between these different looks and I love mixing vintage with modern. So what is your personal style? Why do you make the choices you make?


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  • bhavpreet

    hey .. hi .. saw u at a friends post .. i mean this is great .. u must be a shopping lover .. actually hardcore shopping lover ?? … and your blogs layout is amazing … feels like i am talking to the most innocent girl in this world …

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